Black Friday, der Tag mit den Wahnsinnsdeals in der Schweiz!

Nach dem Familienfest Thanksgiving ist endlich der Moment zum Shoppen gekommen! Wir alle haben schon die fast surrealen Bilder von den Menschenmassen in den amerikanischen Einkaufszentren gesehen, wo sich die Menschen reduzierte Markenartikel, ob Kleidung oder High-tech quasi aus den Händen reissen. Der Grund? Unglaubliche Sonderangebote in praktisch allen Bereichen für tolle Ersparnisse kurz vor Weihnachten. Continuer la lecture

Peanut and cows’ milk allergies could be a thing of the past thanks to DBV-Technologies!

DBV-Technologies is a company based in northern France which specializes in developing treatments for allergy sufferers. Allergies affect a surprisingly large proportion of the population – cows’ milk protein allergy, for example, impacts anything up to 1 in 30 children, while 100s of thousands of people are admitted to hospital every year as a result of allergic reactions to eating peanuts.

The patch may also be used to treat cows’ milk protein allergy


You can look here for more information on DBV-Technologies’ Viaskin peanut allergy treatment technique. It offers a potentially revolutionary way of treating and diagnosing peanut allergy, without the pain and attendant risks of an injection-based approach.

The small patch (shown below), is applied to the patient’s arm and can be taken off at any time. It works by introducing the antigens that provoke the allergic reactions in the individual in question into the Langerhans cells. These cells are antigen-presenting immune cells and therefore are perfect for ‘densensitization’ purposes. The patch format is very versatile, and could be adapted to treat a wide variety of allergies. Work is already underway on a third version which will tackle house dust mite allergy.

Treat yourself to a special holiday this year – Eden Luxury Homes will show you how!

Holidays don’t come around all the time, so when you do have a chance to take a break, you want to make it special. Eden luxury homes are in the business of ensuring that nothing happens to get in the way of your enjoying your holiday to the full – especially rental property issues. Having identified a common problem in the rental property market, namely that photographs on letting websites didn’t always tell the full story about rented accommodation, the company decided to filter out all but the most luxurious properties. They have done this by sending local representatives to personally vet each and every property before it is accepted in the Eden Luxury Homes list.

Scuba diving is a popular holiday pastime in Ibiza

Both summer and winter destinations are catered to. Some locations are popular all year round, such as the sophisticated Alpine resort of Megève (, which is well-known for its skiing, but also has plenty to offer in the summertime. Other destinations offer a chance to grab some winter sun, like the island of Ibiza. Although famous for its vibrant nightlife, the surrounding seas are a playground in themselves, with activities including scuba diving (see the photo below).

¿Dónde encontrar un sextoy que estimule el clítoris y el punto G ? En, claro!).

¿Está buscando un sextoy que estimule a la vez su clítoris y su punto G, para experimentar sensaciones fuera de lo común? Si así es le aconsejamos que se conecte cuanto antes a sextoymio y que le heche un vistazo al estimulador punto G y clítoris Pink Vibe (


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Su diseño sin duda le seducirá y apreciará las capacidades de su motor. Se trata de un vibrador silencioso que está provisto de 7 modos de vibración, entre ellos uno llamado “clímax” que le procurará un intenso orgasmo a cada uso. Su composición es al 100% de silicona, por ello su tocar es tan suave, y por ello resiste al agua. Es hipoalergénico e inodoro. Existe en rosa.

Vibradores clítoris
¿Su interés se dirige más hacia los vibradores clítoris? Héchele un vistazo al dedo vibrador Mycero Fellztoys que le propone Está compuesto por 2 dedos vibradores de silicona al 100%, uno para cada una de sus manos. Con este artículo tendrá la posibildad de estimular su clítoris o cualquier otra zona sensible de su cuerpo o del de su pareja.

Revolution in the field of allergy treatment is in the air with DBV-Technologies’ Viaskin® solution!

There’s a new kid on the block in the field of allergy diagnosis and treatment in the shape of the Viaskin® patch developed by DBV-Technologies ( To see how this revolutionary solution could change lives, why not take a look at DBV-Technologies’ Viaskin technology section at

The Viaskin® peanut patch

Source :

This unique system works by delivering immunoactive compounds epicutaneously, in other words, through the skin, but without breaking the blood-skin barrier. This has previously been the major drawback with other techniques, as it raises the likelihood of anaphylactic shock occurring and it may cause distress to patients. It’s supremely flexible, as the quantity of compound held in the condensation chamber can be varied. This special chamber helps keep the skin moist, which in turn makes it much easier to get the antigens from the patch to the immune system through the skin. Food allergies span a complete spectrum of foodstuffs, including many types of seafood. However, the most common allergies range from house dust mite to cow’s milk protein and peanut. In fact, allergic reactions triggered by the latter are responsible for upwards of 200 deaths in the United States alone every year.

Make managing your forms easy with the FormForAll universal form-builder package

An integral part of many websites today is the form. Although they come in many shapes and sizes, from reservations and contact forms to surveys, there are certain basic requirements that all forms must fulfil: user-friendliness, data security and adaptability. The online form builder from FormForAll exhibits all of these qualities in abundance. It’s intuitive from both the standpoint of the person creating the form and the individual who actually uses it – so you can keep both your webmaster and your clients happy! Some online forms struggle with the globalized reality of today’s world, but that can hardly be said of the FormForAll package, which boasts a 35 language platform. This option will automatically translate your form into the user’s local language, using their IP address as a guide, and covers most major world languages, including Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Russian and more. SSL browser encryption helps protect any sensitive data being sent via forms and a built-in reports and data analysis section will enable you to spot trends and understand exactly how your forms are being used. Crucially, this solution boasts a responsive design that will provide a comfortable viewing experience for users of PCs, smartphones and tablet computers alike. Details can be found on

FormForAll – the universal form builder worth finding out about!

Online enquiry forms are a staple component of a large proportion of websites these days. Why then is it that it’s so difficult to source a reliable form builder?
In fact, FormForAll even boasts a package with a WordPress plugin for additional versatility.
FormForAll has been designed with user-friendliness in mind – both for the person setting it up and for those actually using the forms it produces. This is best seen in the drag and drop interface, which speeds up form creation no end.
Part of this drive for supreme user-friendliness includes the social login option for Facebook and Google users. This function is particularly useful if you’ve no time to waste! Customization is also an important part of the attraction of this solution – you can select your font, colour, background colour and upload your logo to really stamp your corporate identity on your B2C communications.
The full range of features can be seen on
They say that seeing is believing, and there’s no reason why that shouldn’t apply to forms as well, given that the visual is an important aspect of form design. For an up close and personal view of a range of forms, just click here.