FormForAll – the universal form builder worth finding out about!

Online enquiry forms are a staple component of a large proportion of websites these days. Why then is it that it’s so difficult to source a reliable form builder?
In fact, FormForAll even boasts a package with a WordPress plugin for additional versatility.
FormForAll has been designed with user-friendliness in mind – both for the person setting it up and for those actually using the forms it produces. This is best seen in the drag and drop interface, which speeds up form creation no end.
Part of this drive for supreme user-friendliness includes the social login option for Facebook and Google users. This function is particularly useful if you’ve no time to waste! Customization is also an important part of the attraction of this solution – you can select your font, colour, background colour and upload your logo to really stamp your corporate identity on your B2C communications.
The full range of features can be seen on
They say that seeing is believing, and there’s no reason why that shouldn’t apply to forms as well, given that the visual is an important aspect of form design. For an up close and personal view of a range of forms, just click here.

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