Revolution in the field of allergy treatment is in the air with DBV-Technologies’ Viaskin® solution!

There’s a new kid on the block in the field of allergy diagnosis and treatment in the shape of the Viaskin® patch developed by DBV-Technologies ( To see how this revolutionary solution could change lives, why not take a look at DBV-Technologies’ Viaskin technology section at

The Viaskin® peanut patch

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This unique system works by delivering immunoactive compounds epicutaneously, in other words, through the skin, but without breaking the blood-skin barrier. This has previously been the major drawback with other techniques, as it raises the likelihood of anaphylactic shock occurring and it may cause distress to patients. It’s supremely flexible, as the quantity of compound held in the condensation chamber can be varied. This special chamber helps keep the skin moist, which in turn makes it much easier to get the antigens from the patch to the immune system through the skin. Food allergies span a complete spectrum of foodstuffs, including many types of seafood. However, the most common allergies range from house dust mite to cow’s milk protein and peanut. In fact, allergic reactions triggered by the latter are responsible for upwards of 200 deaths in the United States alone every year.

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