Treat yourself to a special holiday this year – Eden Luxury Homes will show you how!

Holidays don’t come around all the time, so when you do have a chance to take a break, you want to make it special. Eden luxury homes are in the business of ensuring that nothing happens to get in the way of your enjoying your holiday to the full – especially rental property issues. Having identified a common problem in the rental property market, namely that photographs on letting websites didn’t always tell the full story about rented accommodation, the company decided to filter out all but the most luxurious properties. They have done this by sending local representatives to personally vet each and every property before it is accepted in the Eden Luxury Homes list.

Scuba diving is a popular holiday pastime in Ibiza

Both summer and winter destinations are catered to. Some locations are popular all year round, such as the sophisticated Alpine resort of Megève (, which is well-known for its skiing, but also has plenty to offer in the summertime. Other destinations offer a chance to grab some winter sun, like the island of Ibiza. Although famous for its vibrant nightlife, the surrounding seas are a playground in themselves, with activities including scuba diving (see the photo below).

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