Make managing your forms easy with the FormForAll universal form-builder package

An integral part of many websites today is the form. Although they come in many shapes and sizes, from reservations and contact forms to surveys, there are certain basic requirements that all forms must fulfil: user-friendliness, data security and adaptability. The online form builder from FormForAll exhibits all of these qualities in abundance. It’s intuitive from both the standpoint of the person creating the form and the individual who actually uses it – so you can keep both your webmaster and your clients happy! Some online forms struggle with the globalized reality of today’s world, but that can hardly be said of the FormForAll package, which boasts a 35 language platform. This option will automatically translate your form into the user’s local language, using their IP address as a guide, and covers most major world languages, including Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Russian and more. SSL browser encryption helps protect any sensitive data being sent via forms and a built-in reports and data analysis section will enable you to spot trends and understand exactly how your forms are being used. Crucially, this solution boasts a responsive design that will provide a comfortable viewing experience for users of PCs, smartphones and tablet computers alike. Details can be found on

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