Ride out the recession with CRM On Demand.

There seems little doubt that hard times aren’t going to go away any time soon, posing a challenge that businesses need to rise to right now. With a little help from CRM On Demand courtesy of the InFact Group, beat the bear market and put your firm in a position to tap into new markets and opportunities. The InFact Group produces a massive choice of products which are designed to make CRM On Demand applications more user-friendly.
The Group can also open the way for you to bring CRM functionality to new environments, such as mobile platforms. It also provides tailored business process support. Solutions cover visual mapping, email integration, smartphone calendar sync and more. Of course, technology is just one aspect of CRM excellence, we also have to think of the role played by human capital. The Group offers a comprehensive range of Oracle CRM consulting services. Siebel CRM, BI, training and support services, full project management services, scoping – the team has all this at its fingertips.
Another area that holds no secrets for the Group are Oracle Fusion CRM applications. This technology features multiple innovative options along the lines of superior sales planning and performance management. With the InFact Group, you can be sure of seamless upgrades and rapid deployment when it comes to Oracle Fusion CRM.

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