Take the chill out of winter with Modatoi!

Those winter nights are drawing in and you feel in need of a lift – why not take a look at Modatoi. With the coming of the colder weather, a priority has to be sorting out our winter footwear. The good news is that boots for today’s woman are one of the things we do best. There are high heels, towering platforms and some more sensible options in between to try out. If you’d like to keep up with the catwalk crowd, there’s no buts, it’s got to be buckles. You might say the more the merrier, with up to eight to a boot being not uncommon. Other quirky little details abound, like metal studs running lengthwise down the boot, or out of control fur trimmings that cascade down almost to the floor.
Now that your feet are sorted out, it’s time to look at the rest of you. Consider Modatoi’s dress range for example. Sweater dresses are running riot, adorned with bow and belts or featuring more simple designs. In terms of colours, black is back, frequently in tandem with more vibrant shades rather than just on its own.

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