Snooker’s coming home!

In some ways, the growth in recent years of the popularity of snooker in Asia is rather like a very belated homecoming for the sport. Whilst the modern game was essentially codified by the British, it first took on the shape of the game we recognize today as snooker in the 1870s in the Indian subcontinent. If you’re interested in reading more about the origins of this fascinating game, a whole section is devoted to the subject on

In fact, as befits its name – and the truly international nature of the sport that it serves – the website sells tables for Russian pyramid, as well as American pool alongside traditional full-size (12 foot) snooker tables and snooker cues. Several models of pool table continue the tradition – of which Riley was one of the first to adopt – of combining sport with eating! The snooker or pool dining table is formed from a table fitted with a kind of cover that slides over to create a fully functional dining table when not in use, and slides back to reveal a standard pool table whenever you fancy a game. This is obviously a great option for anyone with limited living space in their home.

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