Fridge water filters – do you know how to sort out the good from the bad?

More and more people are turning to American style fridges with built-in water dispensers and ice-makers. Whilst these are great additional features, there are certain things that you need to bear in mind when you purchase one of these appliances. The filters that ensure a supply of clean water to your fridge need to be changed regularly (a minimum of once every 6 months). You also need to be careful about the model and quality of the filters that you buy. If you need a water filter for lg fridge freezer use, for example, make sure that you get one that is fully manufacturer-approved or even bought directly from the maker. The website can help you source the filter that you need for your particular model of fridge-freezer, whether you need a water filter for samsung fridge freezers, whirlpool refrigerator filters or in fact filters for virtually any popular make of fridge. You should check that the filter you buy conforms to all the relevant NSF and EU standards. This will act as a guarantee that what you purchase will actually do the job that it’s meant to – delivering better-tasting, healthier, clearer drinking water for your consumption.

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