Versatility – the name of the flipbook game.

The watchword for today’s marketing teams has to be versatility. Naturally, they’ll need marketing tools that are up to this challenge. The flip book has always been a great template for content, but to what degree has it kept pace with the technological revolution in the field of hand-held devices? Well, software packages produced by the likes of Webpublication have a very strong emphasis on multi-channel accessibility. In practical terms, this means flipbook ipad compatibility comes as standard. You can also access your content from a smartphone, via a website or any number of social networking sites – so it’s ideal for your firm’s online magazine, corporate catalogue or pdf documents. This software is particularly suited for use as an e-brochure creator as it’s so easy to tailor your content to reflect your corporate image thanks to a wide choice of colours and backgrounds. Your readership will love the rich media features like HD video, sound, contents tabs, hypertext links and more. And there’s no doubt that its Google Analytics capability will come in very handy for understanding more about those who consume the content you produce. Best of all, these packages take no time to master, so you can get started almost straightaway!

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